A World-First Sculpture Celebrating the Transformational Power of Green Finance


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A recent special event to celebrate a Lifetime Achievement Award to NDCi.global co-founder Tessa Tennant also heard about the launch of a “world first” project to celebrate green finance with a groundbreaking piece of public art.

It’s now 30 years since the first environmentally responsible funds were launched, and today green finance is critical to the global economy, as well as being a vital tool to deliver the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. It’s also giving a new purpose to the profession of finance itself, for a new generation of financiers.

If we are to make sustainability the transformational force it needs to be in the global financial system, it will need to be part of the culture of that system – the norms, beliefs, monuments, and touchstones that drive our everyday behaviour as professionals in the field.

How You Can Help

Support the world’s first sculpture dedicated to conveying the transformational power of green finance and the pioneering work of visionary leaders.

The sculpture will be funded by private and corporate donations. We’re seeking start-up funding of £50,000 to get the project going and we expect the total project costs to be £300,000. If you’d like to make a pledge, email Ciara Shannon on ciarashannon.hk@gmail.com.

A committee has been established to take the project forward, comprising leading green finance and sustainability practitioners and art experts. 

This project will be managed as a not for profit activity and thus donations will be eligible for Gift Aid (for those paying tax in the UK) through the status of a designated charity.

Potential sites are being considered in the City of London, and both the Archdeaconry of London and the City of London Corporation have indicated a willingness to consider proposals.

Why Sculpture?

Public art such as sculpture can sometimes be the only way to celebrate complex notions. In this case, it’s a unique way to visually depict both the centrality of green finance to our common future and its cultural ideals.  We intend to commission a sculpture that will inspire the finance community, both present and future, and become a focal point as it looks to fully green its investments in people and planet. We also want it to be a global creation – one that perhaps starts in London and is replicated and adapted across the world, raising awareness of green issues and related financial investments.

We also want the piece to celebrate the work of pioneering leaders such as Tessa Tennant, whose vision of “real economy,” ethically-screened finance as a lever for much-needed societal change is now beginning to be realised, not least in the climate change arena.

Making it Happen

The intention is that the project will be commissioned in November 2018, with a view to being completed within two- years. A globally respected sculptor will be appointed following an invited competition between four artists carefully shortlisted by a professional firm. The commissioning process and realisation of the sculpture will also be exemplary in terms of environmental sustainability.

This project will be managed as a not-for-profit activity and thus donations will be eligible for Gift Aid (for those paying tax in the UK)  through the status of a designated charity. We are seeking both individual and corporate donations. (see the donate page)

We’ve also had positive initial interest from the Archdeaconry of London and the City of London Corporation.

About the Sculpture Committee

Our sculpture committee includes leading green finance, sustainability and art experts:

  • James Cameron (chair)
  • Ian Callaghan
  • Mark Campanale
  • Paul Dickinson
  • Kirsty Hamilton
  • Jeremy Leggett
  • Nick Robins,
  • Ciara Shanno
  • William Staempfli
  • Tessa Tennant.

We aim to work with art experts Modus Operandi to ensure artistic integrity.

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