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Adapting Adaptation


The Stockholm Environment Institute has published a report that provides extensive colour and nuance on how farming communities adapt to climate change and the issues that surround it.  There’s an article that summarises the report here, the essence being that the researchers found 36 indicators of adaptive capacity and that these should be taken into account when planning adaptation interventions, as they affect different communities – and even different individuals – in different ways.
But if you have a few extra minutes to invest in filling out your understanding of adaptation, we would recommend a read of Table 2 in the report.  This summarises the results of 47 focus groups that gathered information from nearly 600 farmers in India, Bangladesh, Laos and Cambodia.  Each of the 36 indicators and how they affect people and communities is briefly described, providing insights into the weight of different factors in different countries.  None of this will be news to adaptation experts but for the ‘lay reader’ the table is an extremely useful summary of how differences in levels of the 5 “capitals” – human, social, natural, physical and financial – affect ability to respond to climate and other pressures in rural communities.
The full report is here and the table is in section 4.1
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