Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): Some Explainers on a still much-misunderstood technology


DLT was on the menu at the World Bank’s Innovate4Climate event in Frankfurt in late May.  Climate KIC covered the two main sessions devoted to the topic, acknowledging that, as a technology, it’s still so new that you need to be told that DLT is NOT the same thing as blockchain.  Topics at these sessions included finance, green and carbon markets, forestry and energy applications, as well as governance issues.

NDCi.global has featured DLT twice, with a piece by Lauren Carter in January 2018  listing it among various digital solutions to climate finance challenges, alongside crowdfunding, AI and cryptocurrencies.

A more basic roundup/explainer in October 2017 has been among our most-read pieces, indicating the interest in this novel technology.  Among other early initiatives, it pointed to the Climate Ledger Initiative, a network intended to fill knowledge gaps, showcase innovations and build capacity.

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