The country delegates gathered for the 2017 Climate Finance Accelerator

Support a Future “Paris Finance Community” Vital for the NDCs


David Saddington, a 25-year-old climate change consultant, explains the plans to scale up as a convening point for Paris finance, and appeals for support. has a simple and blunt message. Tackling climate change will succeed or fall on one thing – money.

Mobilising ‘green finance’ is crucial to implementing the national policies (NDCs) which are the very foundations of the landmark Paris Agreement

NDCi (where the ‘i’ stands for invest, implement and interact) was co-founded by Tessa Tennant, and launched at the Marrakech COP in 2016. Since its inception, it has provided invaluable insights into mobilising urgently required finance for the NDCs, via its blog and webinar series, to its engaged and ever-expanding community of followers.

I first got involved in NDCi last year when they proposed the ambitious Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA).

I was part of the CFA delivery team and it was an incredible opportunity to work with Tessa. I learnt a lot from her – I was inspired by her vision of a better world and motivated by her practical ideas on how to get there.

I’m now supporting in its exciting growth plan.

Similar to the ingredients which made the CFA such a success, collaboration and connectivity are at the core of’s plan to scale up. I’m particularly excited that the plan focusses so much on the ‘next generation’ of climate finance practitioners and leaders.

Every day, I see excellent examples of young people working on game-changing innovations across cultures and borders – the faster we can attract their new thinking to the challenges of green finance the better – and I think Tessa would agree!

These are some of the things the scaling up plan envisages. You can read the full story in this concept note.

  • Establishing as the convenor for the ‘Paris Finance’ community by creating much-needed assets such as a climate finance landscape map, events calendar and an NDC project coding guide
  • Carrying out a detailed survey of the ‘NDC Community’ to fully identify it, to better understand its needs for data and analyse systemic blockages to NDC-related project finance
  • Deliver practical interventions such as tailored training programmes for banks to help them better understand and respond to NDC business opportunities has the vision but in order to achieve this, it needs to attract more funding. Any help you can provide, in direct funding or ideas for funding sources, would be enormously appreciated,  and a great investment in a transformative project to tackle climate change.

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