Public sector green bond action around the world from the first half of 2018.


If you’re in a green bond mood after reading our main piece this week, the CBI has just issued a handy summary of goings on at the policy end of GBs around the world. You can read it here.
The report begins with a roundup of the latest sovereign issuance, including the first sovereign green sukkuk, from Indonesia, and the first sovereign issuance in the Balkans, by Lithuania.  Hong Kong, Kenya and Austria are in the pipeline for new first issuances.  CBI notes that public sector issuers aren’t just national  or sub-national governments, but include national development banks and nationalised utilities and transport companies.

The report then summarise developments in national guidelines for green bonds, the incentives that governments are creating to simulate GB issuance (for example grants to cover the cost of external review), government consultations that are ongoing on green finance strategies (mainly in larger developed countries, it seems), and actions by central banks.  CBI says central banks are “stepping up their role in the facilitation of green bonds as a way to address climate-related risks, to maintain financial stability, and to support an orderly low-carbon and climate-resilient transition”.

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