Recommended Read: scaling up investment in low-carbon energy


A Virtuous Circle:  scaling up investment in low-carbon energy

Our recommended read this week is a report put out by Christian Aid at COP23 and mainly authored by renewables finance expert Tom Murley of TwoLights Energy Advisors.  Tom has previously contributed one of the most-read pieces on, a primer on the use of project finance for infrastructure.

The Christian Aid report valuably summarises recent developments in the reduction of renewables costs vs other means of generation.  But its most valuable sections, for policy-makers in particular, will probably be the very succinct summaries of the conditions that are needed to attract investment into different kinds of energy.  For those less well up on the topic of sub-utility sized projects, there are also excellent summaries of technologies such as distributed solar, which are becoming increasingly important for developing country populations without grid access.

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